Certified Inorganic

By May 26, 2017 March 8th, 2018 Product Reviews

Thank you Moffenzeef Modular for these not-so-carefully hidden words (they are found on the back of the GM0 module). Moffenzeef makes several unusual (but great) drum modules right here in Portland. We’ve been digging GMO, Kriket, Deviant and Muskrat (that’s the entire Moffenzeef family at this point). Kriket is a four channel bleep/blip generator, Muskrat is a “vile little wavetable drum”, GMO or genetically modified oscillator is a sample based, lo-fi drum module with astonishing range and Deviant is a “dirty” random generator/noise module. All of these modules are designed here in Portland by Ross Fish and manufactured at Darkplace Manufacturing right behind Modular 8 (we share a building with them!). Portland is rapidly becoming a major player in the synthesizer scene and Modular 8 is happy to be a part of that. We strongly support our local manufacturers and designers because they are amazing: a partial list includes Malekko, Darkplace, 4MS, Moffenzeef, Retromechanical Labs, LZX Industries, Antimatter Audio (Designer=Jeph Nor, who also puts on Volt Divers!), Zerosum Inertia, Circuit Abbey, Synthrotek, Folktek, Vintage Synth Labs and the list keeps growing…. Might as well include Metasonix too (even though technically they are in Northern CA) since we are big fans and an authorized dealer. Look for more on these manufacturers and designers in this blog!


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