The Story of Modular 8

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One day last spring, I found a closed for business sign on the door at Muffwiggler. As a true synth junkie and longstanding customer of Analogue Haven, Big City Music, Noisebug and Switched On, I decided to repurpose this space with a store inspired by these longtime vanguards of the boutique synth world, but with my own twists. A shop where you could purchase everything you need to make electronic music in one place.

At Modular 8, we will help you create your perfect system by integrating Synths (standalone and eurorack), Focal powered monitors, Mogami cabling, Focusrite interfaces and Soundcraft mixers. Everything in my store is top quality and personally selected my me and my manager, Steve Westbrook (who formerly worked at Muff’s). Modular 8 will open February 11th. Although we occupy their previous location, we are completely unaffiliated with the Muffwiggler store or forum.

We also offer a generous rewards program and return policy (please see website page for details) as well as synth repair with the best synth tech in the pacific northwest area (and beyond…).

I want to share my love of electronic music with the community in Portland and beyond. We have a performance stage in the shop backed by a JBL sound system and will have a curated selection of vinyl and CD that I hope will be a focal point for electronic music lovers of all stripes. My plan is to personally select a few releases and keep a fresh rotation of different artists to hopefully allow you to both find favorites and perhaps expand your musical horizons a bit.

Please stop by or check out the online shop to see what Modular 8 is all about. We want to be your integrated electronic music resource.

Phillip/Owner of Modular 8

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